Futures Library

A community driven space for research, inspiration and futures thinking. Located by the entrance of our building (Stora varvsgatan 6, Malmö), the library is a space to explore new avenues, pause, read, contemplate and debate. 

Featuring books on: Futures, Foresight, Us and Technology, Systems and Sustainability, Cities and Habitats, and Creative Development. Magazines and newspapers: Noema, Wired, Harvard Business Review, New Yorker, Fokus, DN and Sydsvenskan.

An Ever Evolving Community Library
The population of the Futures Library is very much a community effort. What’s there is a start. See the sections as an invitation to think about what books are missing.
Please share what books you would like to see in the library.

Texts about a future, written today or in the past. We’re interested in both pondering future scenarios, and learn from how people in the past have conceived futures.
Examples: 1984 by George Orwell.

Methodologies and frameworks for helping people, teams and organisations to develop new ideas, products and concepts, and to imagine futures ahead and make transitions accordingly.
Examples: Three Horizons by Bill Sharpe and Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth.

Us and Technology
On how technologies shape the world, and how we shape technologies. Texts to understanding technologies, how humans are affected by them, and ways of using ethics and morality to both shape technological development in the first place and to limit the use of them if needed. Agenda A in Media Evolution’s strategy.Examples: Atlas of AI by Kate Crawford and Staying with the Trouble by Donna J Haraway.

Systems and Sustainability
Focus on systems understanding and green transitions. Systems can be the environment, the human body, democracy, the workplace and societies. We are interested in stories about how things are connected, what happens to things when things happen to them, and new ways to organise people, businesses and communities. Agenda B in Media Evolution’s strategy.
Examples: Thinking in Systems by Donella H. Meadows, and Breaking Boundaries by Johan Rockström.

Cities and Habitats
Texts on city development, urban planning, the built environment and life in communities.
Examples: How Building Learn by Stewart Brand, and Sitopia: Building Wise Cities through Food by Carolyn Steel.

Creative Development
Personal, organisational and, creative development and leadership. Examples of how creatives work to discover new and old ways of expressing themselves.
Examples: Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stephanie Posavec, The Creativity Act by Rick Rubin, and This Life by Martin Hägglund.

The Futures Library was initiated by Media Evolution, funded by Malmö Förskönings- och planteringförening, designed by Wingårdhs and built by Jerker inredning