A community platform that fosters innovation and growth in the digital industries of Southern Sweden, through collaborating, sharing ideas and knowledge.


Futures prototype 

The Futures prototype We work, we share, we care by the Malmö-based visual artist Mariella Ottosson in collaboration with Media Evolution will be opened at Media Evolution City on 22 August 2022. The futures prototype, one of 11 financed by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova seeks to spark reflection, dialogue and new imaginations of how the effects of climate change will impact work, value creation and organising human efforts in the future.

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The Conference 2022 

For the tenth time in August (23-24), we gather people to spend time thinking long about what actions to take next and now. As always, members buy their ticket to the best price, currently that is the same as the early bird price.
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Work is a four-letter word 

“Work is a four-letter word” is a playbook for community-based workspaces with the ambition to inspire and give tools to aspiring spacemakers. The book puts on paper the condensed knowledge of 10 years of designing, building and running a Media Evolution City, an ever-evolving mechanism affirming and debunking our assumptions of how people create, meet and work.
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What we do…

In most cases, we’re not the experts. But our 350 members have shiploads of skills and knowledge. That is why we focus on creating formats and concepts where people can get together to share and collaborate.

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We also do…

The Conference

Our annual conference has attracted international attention for being one of the most thought-provoking and well designed conferences on digitization, society, business and culture in Europe. During two days every year (+ 5 days of side events), we explore complexity and trends in the digital world.


A Co-working Space

Media Evolution City is our co-working space housing nearly 100 companies with 500 humans from across the digital and creative industries. It’s located in a beautiful old shipyard in Malmö that in recent years has been converted into a top modern co-working space, designed for openness, meetings and function. For humans really.