Host a Webinar!


Let’s mix the ‘web’ and ‘seminar’ and create a webinar! A webinar is an event held virtually which is attended exclusively by an online audience. A webinar is all about new perspectives and new thoughts. Knowledge sharing at its heart. 

A (live) or recorded online session for your target audiences. Our members have an extensive knowledge base to share, and this is the perfect format if you want to share something in a more one-to-many based conversation. 

When does this format work best?
When the physical meeting is off duty and you still have loads of interesting information to share with your peeps, and want to do it in a well-organized manner. 

The key to a great webinar is all about preparations. You bring your expertise to the table and we fix the rest.

Leave all of the arrangements to us at Media Evolution: 

  • Together we set the agenda, decide on relevant online tools and meeting format and expected outcome. 
  • We make sure that the event gets well-branded and shown to other members in our community through our channels. 
  • During D-day, Media Evolution documents the process that will take place online. 
  • We also make sure that the technical equipment is on point based on your needs. 

Maximum number of participants: No limit! 

Duration: We recommend a maximum of 45 minutes. After a spring of many digital meetings – we don’t want the audience to get ocular fatigue. 

Want to know more? Reach out!
Also, just let us know if you want to talk to some of our previous hosts, for example Creuna and Swedbank.

Want to book a webinar? Get in touch with Pernilla!