USB Create


Together with Region Skåne, Media Evolution has received funds from the European Social Fund’s program ‘React’
to help develop competence and strengthen people who work in the cultural and creative industries in Skåne.

USB Create
The cultural and creative sector was one of the worst affected sectors during the pandemic. As they are now facing a restart after the pandemic, the society is challenged by a rapidly changing world with, among other things, increased globalization, automation, climate change and digitization.

To be able to face these challenges, Region Skåne is joining forces with Media Evolution to help and support the cultural and creative industries in the region. In a project funded by the EU and the European Social Fund’s program, they are now offering education with the focus on using digital tools in the creative work, marketing and visibility in social media, as well as the opportunity to explore new ways of creative expression and technology combined. All the activities will be free of charge for people working within the cultural and creative industries in all of Skåne.

Collaborative Foresight
By the method Collaborative Foresight both cultural organizations, institutions and businesses get increased knowledge within strategic business development. How will art and culture be made in the future? How will creativity look in 10, 15 or 30 years from now? What impact will the new technologies and the green revolution have on culture and creativity? These are some questions that the participants will get the chance to explore together with other people from the sector, with the purpose of identifying valuable strategic insights, learning the foresight method, and developing new ways of thinking. An organization can choose to participate during the entire process or just take part in the open events and workshops. The education organized by Media Evolution is based on their former experiences of working with the foresight method.

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During the project, there will be 10 courses with topics based on possibilities and challenges within digitalization with a deep dive into how to use different digital tools for creative work, marketing, increased reach and the exploration of new ways of digital creative expressions. 

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Building a great community
During the autumn of 2022 and the spring of 2023 there will be a number of community meetups at Media Evolution City. More information will be posted, make sure to keep track on this page to learn more.

This project is funded by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union’s response to the covid-19 pandemic. USB Create is a competence development project within the cultural and creative sector and is runned by Region Skåne and Media Evolution with financing from the European Union and the European Social Fund.

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