Tvilling : Dockan Malmö
– an exhibition/

In this iteration of Tvilling, presented as an audiowalk at the old dry dock adjacent to Media Evolution in Malmö, a chorus of voices, electronic sounds as well as recorded sounds from the location intertwine to create a unique sonic experience.

The audience activates the work by exploring the site freely. There is no predefined path through the work, ensuring that each individual will encounter a unique soundscape that makes the urban space come alive.

To experience the work, you need a standard smartphone equipped with earphones and the free-to-download app “Echoes”. Further details can be found below.

Tvilling is an art project by Freja Andersson, Bianca Maria Barmen,
Britta Olsson and Erik Peters. The project was initiated in 2017 and takes its starting point in a text by Bianca Maria Barmen, exploring personal experiences of loss and twinship. The text, read in Swedish, is set in
various locations and in different rooms. Several works have been created as part of the project, each intimately connected with a particular site.



  1. Download and install the free ”Echoes” app on your smartphone from Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone
  2. Locate and select the audiowalk titled
    ”Tvilling: Dockan Malmö.”
  3. Download the walk for a smoother experience
  4. Put on your earphones and click “Start”
  5. Explore the outdoor area between Media Evolution and the old dry dock
  6. Enjoy the experience!

In collaboration with Media Evolution, with support from The Swedish Arts Council.