The Futures We Build - Visions for Sustainable Built Environment

Creating visions to guide the built environment sector in Sweden to sustainable futures


Would you like to be part of creating transformational visions for the future of the built environment? Do you want to create visions that can encourage and support the built environment sector in Sweden to transition towards new ways of working, organising and building a sustainable, enriching and inclusive future?

In The Futures We Build, we invite interdisciplinary teams to apply to create visions of a future built environment drawing on sustainability goals guiding the sector. These visions will describe and illustrate pathways towards a future where the built environment contributes to mitigating and adapting to climate change, in which circularity is the standard, and where value chains and business logic are based on life cycle perspectives. The visions will guide the sector towards a future in which the built environment is characterised by functional durability, aesthetic design, longevity and robustness, advancing both environmental sustainability and social sustainability, inclusion and resilience.

We are looking for teams that can bring new ideas, explore alternative modes and challenge preconceptions to help the sector move forward.Three teams will be selected to create a vision each. The selected teams will create the visions between August and December 2024, and will present their visions in January 2025. During the fall, the teams will get training in foresight and envisioning methods, be supported by an Advisory Board of prominent profiles from the built environment sector and be inspired by actors working in innovative initiatives.

Calling for interdisciplinary teams

We believe that the most fruitful visions will be created in collaboration among people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Interdisciplinary teams of 4-7 persons from different organisations relevant for the future of the built environment are invited to participate in this initiative. The teams can consist of, for example, architects, urban and other designers, construction and other engineers, builders, developers, sustainability experts, IT strategists, researchers, students, artists and others. We encourage applicants teams whose members and work elevates marginalised voices, embraces the humanistic dimensions of the built environment, and engages their intersection with communities situated in them to apply.

To receive funding as part of this project, the participating organisations need to be registered in Sweden.

Questions about financing and funding for your team, are sent to Formas: Nina Widmark, (08-775 40 51) and Johan Hansson, (08-775 40 54)

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The process

After the application period, a jury will select three teams to develop each one vision focusing on a particular challenge in the sector hindering it to reach the goals of Agenda 2030 and Smart Built Environment.

The team’s work will take place from July 2024 to December 2024. During this period, the teams will work independently to create the visions. They will receive support and mentoring, including inspirational lectures, facilitated sessions with key actors in the built environment sector in Sweden, and a training on foresight, futures thinking and creating powerful visions of the future.
The final visions will be presented in January 2025 by the teams, which will be the last effort of the teams.

The visions will inform conversations in a series of workshops during winter/spring of 2025. ´These workshops, facilitated by the project team, will bring together key actors in the sector, other stakeholders and the general public to discuss the future of our built environment and identify steps to take going forward to achieve desired outcomes.

The project is a strategic project within Smart Built Environment, one of Sweden’s 17 Strategic Innovation Programs, with funding from Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency), The Swedish Energy Agency and Formas (Swedish government research council for sustainable development).

If you want to know more about the process, contact

Preliminary timeline

Request for teams published: January 31, 2024
Application for teams open: February 1- March 31, 2024
Open inspirational seminar : Mid-March, 2024
Selection of teams, latest: April 26, 2024
Synch with project owner: April 26 – May 31, 2024
Selected teams begin work: August 1, 2024
Visions workshop in Malmö for teams: August 29-30, 2024
Vision drafts for inputs from advisory board: November 15, 2024
Final visions ready: December 15, 2024
Presentation of visions and exhibitions: Mid-January 2025
From visions to action workshops with key stakeholders: January-April 2025

Upcoming events

Lecture: Designing our Futures with Indy Johar

Past events & courses

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