“How will Artificial Intelligence-infused platforms shape work?”

The Breath of the Doing explores the question above, and is a product of Media Evolution’s Collaborative Foresight cycle dedicated to digital work in the age of Artificial Intelligence. We delve into a spectrum of possible futures for what it means to work as a human with AI-infused platforms and products at our disposal, and uncover some of the skills, tools, connections and processes we need today to flourish with purpose, resilience and agency. It’s a topic that builds on our previous investigation in Futures of Creative Expression and our own experiences from running a co-working space for eleven years at Media Evolution.

The book includes five future scenarios, five commentary chapters, and beautiful illustrations by artist and designer, Barbara Schussman. The futures were imagined by twenty expert Core Contributors, and are based on trends, signals, contexts and critiques from their work across the innovation, design, human resources, academic and creative sectors. The futures scenarios are vividly brought to life by futurist, scholar and sci-fi writer, Paul Graham Raven

Commenrary written by Pip Mothersill (Meta Reality Labs), Pontus Wärnestål (Head of AI Design/Eghed and Halmstad University), and Core Contributors Kalle Magnusson, Karin Lilja, and Lisa Henriksson offer perspectives on what it will take to build and maintain agency in sustainable, creative and fulfilling futures at work.

This Collaborative Foresight cycle was hosted in partnership with Malmö University as part of the Data Society research programme. As with all Collaborative Foresight publications, this work is a result of our commitment to build upon the lived experience and niche expertise of a local and global organisations to imagine, co-create and share futures, in community.

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Graphic concept: HolsterGreen Studio
Layout: Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg
ISBN: 978-91-987389-6-4
Published: February 2024
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).


Kalle Magnusson
Karin Lilja
Lisa Henriksson
Pip Mothersill
Pontus Wärnestål


Core Contributors
Ahmed Elsayed
Alexander Leveau
Anna-Carin Alderin
David Dahlenius
Helena Sousa
Hjalte Betak
Isabella Salomonsson
Jakob Svensson
Johan Toresson
Kalle Magnusson
Karin Lilja
Katarzyna Gruszka
Lisa Henriksson
Magnus Thure Nilsson
Maria Engberg
Martin Berg
Michael Rozenberg
Nikolaj Møller
Olivia Peters
Rodolfo Zúñiga
Sofia Sundbom
Tomas de Souza