Together with our customers, we plan and design the cities and societies of the future.
The future that may seem remote to others is very much present at Sweco. Today, our building service systems consultants are working on the indoor environment for a new hospital that will be admitting patients in just under five years’ time. Today, our traffic engineers are analysing a new underground metro line that will open to passengers in ten years. Today, our architects are designing what will be a vibrant, dynamic new city district in around 15 years. It is Sweco’s job to be one step ahead. For most people, the results of our work become reality in the future.Sweco is the leading architecture and engineering consultancy in Europe.

Our 14,500 engineers, architects and environmental experts plan and design the communities and cities of the future.We approach small analytical assignments and major design assignments with the same high level of commitment and recognised expertise. Sweco carries out tens of thousands of assignments each year in around 70 countries across the globe. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you can count on Sweco to solve it.

Boris Kildetoft
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