Festive vibes + knowledge sharing


-> This concept is currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions

If it doesn’t happen over coffee, it will definitely happen over a beer*. At Media Evolution we’re all into business and pleasure. Pleasurable business. Businessy pleasure. 

Therefore, one Friday every month, we invite all of you to come together and relax after a busy week in a good old fashioned “after work” setting, and of course it comes with perks.

4 o’ clock – Lecture/trend watching/inspiration
One of our members takes the stage and share their unique insights and thoughts about the business they’re in or – about something completely different. The topic, trend or area always relates to our theme of the month. Don’t forget to register to this 4 o’ clock gathering = limited seats.

5 o’ clock – Bar open schmopen!
The evening is here. The doors open and everyone is invited, member or not member. There will be surprises. There will be drinks and it will without a doubt be a smashing evening. Maybe even extraordinary sometimes. Bring your colleague, friend, partner and parents.

* or wine, or a drink, perhaps even tee or water, anything drinkable.

Want to host?
Wow! Let’s schedule a meeting. Pernilla will help you.
In short it goes a little something like this: For about 60 minutes, you’ll share your knowledge regarding a specific topic. The content should go hand in hand with the theme of the month. After the presentation, more people join in for drinks, music and mingle. Here you have the opportunity to create an extra special experience for everyone and we’re all ears for fun ideas. We’ll be there, every step of the way, making sure it all turns out great.

Do you and your company want to host a Superfredag? Contact Pernilla.


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