Southgate Casting & Production

Casting and values
Southgate is a casting agency for models and actors – based in Southern Sweden. We work both locally and internationally across all mediums, from traditional advertising and commercials, to still shoots and feature films. When founded in 2016 we decided to work with diversity and inclusion within the casting world as a standard. 

We know what you need
Our casting team is highly creative and efficient. We work closely with all our clients and directors to help their vision come to life. We make time challenging tasks easier for our clients with great success.

We love all people
We pride ourselves on being an agency that curate over 3000 talents – all beautiful ages, faces, genders, disabilities and characters all professional, reliable and consistent in their performance. On the website you can search, click and look through some of our models and actors. Often, we search after a specific brief within our archive at Southgate and that gives us a platform with rich experience for all kind of castings.

Ijda Parmatow
+46 708 97 57 27