Patterns of Light and Dark – The Future of Behavior Design for Well-being

This book is a result of Media Evolution’s process for collaborative foresight The Future of Behavior for Well-being in which experts from member organisations come together in an explorative place for making sense of the future and finding ways to impact change for the better.

Imagining futures in the plural gives us the tools to make sense of and adapt to uncertainty. An inclusive, collaborative cross-disciplinary approach can make those desirable futures more meaningful and tangible for more people and helps us prevent and prepare for less desirable ones.

This book features future scenarios as envisioned by a group of designers, doctors, architects, UX researchers, city planners, academics, and artists. It became clear that it is impossible to explore the futures of designing behaviours in the health, mobility and sustainability spaces without contemplating well-being for the planet and its non-human inhabitants.

Through four immersive workshops, the group imagined, developed and revised a series of possible, preferable and preferable futures for Southern Sweden in 2050. The broader community participated and contributed trends, signals and helped our core contributors explore the assumptions or ethical implications of each future scenario.

The foresight process was funded by Swelife – a strategic innovation programme, funded by the Swedish Government via the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova.

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Details: 68 pages
Publisher: Media Evolution
Editors: Hildreth England & Martin Thörnkvist
Copy editor: Rowan Drury
Illustrator: My Comét
Graphic concept: HolsterGreen Studio
Layout: Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg
ISBN: 978-91-987389-4-0
Published: April 2023

Rowan Drury
Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen
Teodor Mischkin
Agnis Stibe