Lecture: How to create a work environment for humans to thrive in

A lecture on what makes people thrive at work

What makes people thrive at work? How do you establish trust and a generous sharing is caring culture, even among competitors? Based on the insights from 10 years of building, designing and running a coworking space we can offer a 30-60 minute lecture about what mindsets and tools to use when designing vibrant spaces for meetings and work.

Many humans have passed through Media Evolution City, both as residents and visitors. In many ways it’s a space designed through the participation of said humans. It’s our joint experience and work that we have now condensed to a lecture, as well as a book.

Key takeaways:

  • What to keep in mind when designing a place for humans to thrive in
  • Why success is in the attention to details
  • How to maintain the energy of a place for work
  • When to lead and when to leave space for the community to do their thing

Alternative headlines and messaging:

  • What work is and how it’s changing
  • A 101 on how to build a successful co-working space
  • How to create a community for professional knowledge exchange
  • The story of Media Evolution City
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The lecture can be held in English or Swedish.