Open Call: Teams to Test New Foresight Method

We are looking for teams – big and small – to test a new method of Collaborative Foresight to uncover new perspectives and ways of working on a current or new product, service, strategy, or idea.

In a half-day customised workshop, teams will (1) illuminate how current trends and signals might affect their work, (2) reframe and uncover new perspectives on strategic uncertainties by using futures scenarios co-created in Collaborative Foresight cycles and (3) clarify and flesh out their vision for the future. These insights will result in the creation of a (4) roadmap of actions for the team to take to align their work with future challenges and opportunities. 

By participating in this beta testing, you will get access to a 3-5-hour customised workshop to uncover new insights and draw a roadmap for taking action on a current or new product, service, strategy, or idea. You will also be able to bring the method back to your team and your organisation at large.

The testing will include:

  • A brief pre-survey
  • Formulating key aspects of the topic at focus: a product, service, strategy, idea or other the team has ownership of and influence over. 
  • A half-day workshop at Media Evolution during which the team will:
    • Identify trends and signals for deciphering known futures and their impact;
    • Work with the unknown by using futures co-created in the Collaborative Foresight cycles to uncover new framings and perspectives;
    • Lay out a shared vision of a desirable future that can guide their work;
    • Draft out a Roadmap for actions and next steps.
  • Feedback and review in an one-hour post-workshop interview with a team lead/member..


The workshops will take place in January 2024. Specific time and date will be agreed upon with the team. 

If you’d like to find out more, reach out to Reeta Hafner, Foresight Lead at Media Evolution:

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Since Spring 2022 Media Evolution has gathered its community together to share knowledge and new tools for making decisions in uncertainty in a process called Collaborative Foresight (CFS). Over the course of each Collaborative Foresight cycle, professionals from across industries have imagined future scenarios and explored topics relevant to the topic at hand.

Since beginning this process, the community has explored questions about how AI can be used to create sustainable companies, how digital tools will impact creativity, how to design for behaviour change personal and planetary health, how to develop smart and sustainable cities and how is digital work changing as a result of assistive intelligence. The Collaborative Foresight cycles have attracted wide interest and received positive feedback from participants. With this method, we wish to create a way for more teams and organisations to apply foresight in their work, use the future scenarios co-created in the Collaborative Foresight cycles and take concrete action towards preparing for and shaping the future.

Are you interested in joining or would like to learn more? Contact our Foresight Facilitator Reeta Hafner.