An online, tailor made, collaborative process with your unique challenge at the center

Online workshops

Our digital workshop is a tailor made collaborative process with your unique challenge at the center.  A facilitator will lead you through the process, dissecting what needs to be dissected and help your group generate new ideas for you to move forward. And! There are plenty of great digital tools out there to spice it up!

A tailor made collaborative online process, starting from a challenge of yours that we’ll dissect together with your team.

When does this format work best?
When your company or organisation has a complex challenge that you cannot work out on your own.

A facilitator from Media Evolution and you together decides on the working methods and online interaction tools based on your needs. 

Leave all of the arrangements to us at Media Evolution: 

  • Together we set the agenda, decide on relevant online tools and meeting format and expected outcome.
  • We hand-pick relevant experts from our community that represents a mix of competences.
  • We make sure that the event gets well-branded and shown to other members in our community through our channels.
  • During D-day, Media Evolution facilitates and documents the process that will take place online.
  • We also make sure that the technical equipment and tools are on point based on your needs.

Want to know more? Reach out!

Also, just let us know if you want to talk to some of our previous hosts, for example Hapab and Sydmeko.

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