This book is a product of Media Evolution’s Collaborative Foresight cycle dedicated to future cities, exploring a spectrum of possible futures to unpack the relationships, skills, tools and ethical implications urban planners and dwellers need now to create the flourishing cities of tomorrow. It’s a topic that our member companies and community have expressed a need to explore more deeply for years.

The three “wise city” futures included in this book (Earth-Centred Design, By All For All, and Low and High-Tech) were imagined by a small group of twenty expert community members, developed over four immersive workshops. With representatives from eleven different countries, including designers, city planners, architects, UX researchers, software engineers, landscape architects, real estate developers, academics, and artists, the “core contributor” group refined their future wise cities based on trends, signals, contexts and critiques submitted by the broader Media Evolution community. They were then creatively expanded and narrativised by our writer, Sorrel Salb. Finally, we’ve invited previous speakers at The Conference (Carolyn Steel) and at-large members of our community (Josef Conning) to offer their commentaries on a good life in cities, and what it means to be wise.

The visions of possible, probable and preferred futures in this book are the result of many citizens’ commitment to converging their layers of experience and expertise, to inspire and to conspire, and to co-create futures in community.

Of Stories and Stone - Future 1
Of Stories and Stone - Future 2
Of Stories and Stone - Future 3

This Collaborative Foresight cycle was organised as a part of DigIT Hub Sweden – an initiative that helps companies and the public sector in Southern Sweden to digitise. The initiative is co-funded by the European Union, Region Blekinge, Region Kronoberg, Region Skåne, and Vinnova.

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Details: 64 pages
Publisher: Media Evolution
Editors: Hildreth England & Martin Thörnkvist
Illustrator: Dick Hedlund
Graphic concept: HolsterGreen Studio
Layout: Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg
ISBN: 978-91-987389-5-7
Published: August 2023


Carolyn Steel
Josef Conning
Sorrel Salb

Core Contributors:
Agnes von Gegerfelt
Aleksandra Magdziarek
Andreas Lundberg
Annita Douka
Beatrice Rappacini
Carin Daal
Eva Vati
Helena Wiktor
Josef Conning
Layla Husain
Lotta Solding
Lisa Jedlid
Mikael Nordvall
Nic Scholtysik
Nick Mason
Ninon Moraw
Pernilla Lavesson
Roger Bengtsson
Ruta Lukosiunaite
Sophia Sundqvist
Sylvia Humbert
Henriette Humbert
Viktoria Timpka
Whui Mei Yeo