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Media Evolution City is the hub for the digital and creative industries in Malmö. We offer a wide range of office solutions and meeting rooms and also a restaurant facing the old shipyards and docks of Kockums if you just want to swing by for a coffee or lunch. Check out our latest offers below or go to our website for more information about rooms and office solutions.

About Media Evolution City

Media Evolution City is the hub for the digital and creative industries in Malmö. Our main purpose is to featherbed the conditions for growth and development among the involved industries by bringing them together. The concept is based on knowledge exchange and an adamantine “united we are strong” culture.

At Media Evolution City, a beautiful mix of film companies, architects, advertising agencies, app developers, marketing divisions, journalists, industrial designers and startups work side by side. We believe that new ideas and innovation occurs in the meeting between humans, companies and industries and that these meetings happen more easily without narrow corridors and closed doors. At Media Evolution City, they happen all the time.


Spacious rooms for a good social distance

Take a look at our spacious meeting rooms at Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6! Located next to the water in the old dockyard, these rooms bathe in light and energy. 

In connection to the meeting rooms we have our restaurant Stora Varvsgatan 6. They will serve you a well-prepared lunch and can offer all sorts of refreshments and fika to your meeting.

AND! If you’re on the hunt for a space equipped for virtual and semi-virtual meetings, we have affordable setups for that too 🙂

Need a meeting room? Get in touch with us at and we’ll work out the best solution for you.


Got questions about the house? Get in touch!

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