1 hour, 1 table, 6 humans. It’s lunch with new friends.

 Lunch with New Friends

Spice up the lunch hour and meet a bunch of new wonderful people who all have one thing in common, they’re members of Media Evolution.

One might say that Lunch with new friends is a little bit like Russian Roulette, but without anguish and a gun. Indulge in interesting conversations and get a free lunch, simple as that.  

Lunch with new friends, happens the last Thursday each month. It’s always for free – but with room for only 6, the seats tend to go fast! 

Want to join?
Fun! Let’s chat. Pernilla will help you.

But… it’s a pandemic going on
Yup, so we’ve been running LWNF online for a couple of months. Less sauce but a jolly good time anyways.

PS. Lunch with new friends is only for Media Evolution members.

Oh, but when is next time then?


Want to book a seat? Contact Pernilla.


+46 70 637 28 47