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Together with Region Skåne, Media Evolution has received funds from the European Social Fund to help develop competence and strengthen people who work within the cultural and creative industries in Skåne. Embark on a transformative journey with “Learn, Create, Engage,” an initiative set to strengthen Skåne’s cultural and creative sector.

To be able to face these challenges, Region Skåne is joining forces with Media Evolution to help and support the cultural and creative industries in the region. In a project funded by the EU and the European Social Fund’s program, they are now offering education with the focus on using digital tools in the creative work, marketing and visibility in social media, as well as the opportunity to explore new ways of creative expression and technology combined. All the activities will be free of charge for people working within the cultural and creative industries in all of Skåne.

Skåne’s vibrant cultural and creative sector is at the forefront of a digital renaissance, and “Learn, Create, Engage” is the catalyst propelling it into a dynamic future, with a focused mission to address the pressing challenges exacerbated by the digital era. “Learn, Create, Engage” invites professionals across Skåne’s diverse cultural and creative spectrum – from self-employed individuals to public institutions. The initiative caters to the unique needs of every segment within this dynamic sector. Professionals will enhance their skills, institutions will boost their creative prowess, and the broader public will enjoy a richer cultural landscape. “Learn, Create, Engage” is not merely a happening; it’s a transformative force shaping the future of Skåne’s cultural and creative sector!

This will be done through different activities during the three-year project period.

Tailored Competence Development – Courses
During the project there will be several courses tailored for the cultural and creative sector, to navigate the digital age confidently. The courses aim to acquire essential skills that empower and make the participants thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.The courses will cover adaptive mindset, digital tools for artistic processes, and creative entrepreneurship.

Inclusive Mentorship Program
Through mentorship programs where Simultaneously, it can contribute to the overall development of the entire sector. To strengthen individuals at the market position while contributing to sector-wide development, a program for professionals for mutual mentorship is conducted. In this forum, where participants from the cultural and creative industries come together, knowledge and experience exchange can occur on various levels, strengthening both the individual’s position and capability/mobility in the job market. And simultaneously, it will contribute to the overall development of the entire sector.

Data-Driven Cultural Engagement
A challenge for cultural institutions today is engaging a broader audience in our digitally connected society. However, there is significant potential in utilizing digital tools for information gathering – applying a data-driven approach to support adaptable cultural practices in line with audience expectations. Implementing data-driven methods within cultural institutions can offer several benefits, including improved cultural engagement and operational efficiency. This project will offer classes running over a couple months for public cultural institutions to enhance their knowledge of data-driven methods to build better capacity to tailor experiences and programs that resonate with audience interests.

Continuous Knowledge Sharing
Through a platform designed for continuous knowledge sharing within the sector, the insights from the activities in the project will be shared. These activities will disseminate insights, fostering learning and strengthening the sector’s collective expertise. More information will be published continuously.

This project is funded by the European Social Fund. “Learn, Create, Engage” is a competence development project within the cultural and creative sector and is runned by Media Evolution and Region Skåne.

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