Change Management Consultants
Kunskapspartner is a consultancy- and research firm, specializing in Strategic Management, Business Process Orientation (BPO) and Change Management. We have a strong connection to the academic world and Lund University. All our methods, tools and practices are well-founded in academic research with proven track-records in business practices.

Instead of working for our customers, we take pride in working together with our customers by guiding them along the way. We help companies adapt to change, and we claim that companies who understand the essence of change will win!

Contact us for:
– Strategy Development (Strategiutveckling) – Where is the company going, and how do we get there?
– Business Process Orientation (Processorientering) – How can we work together in a structured and clear environment?
– Change Management (Förändringsledning) – How can we involve all our employees during change?

Some of our packaged services and tools:
– Strategic Agenda – A structured approach towards Strategy Development.
– Digital Scorecard – A holistic strategy approach towards Digital Sales and Marketing.
– Business Model Canvas – Business Model Formulation.
– Lean Philosophy – Lean projects including the Lean Process Game.
– Feedback School– One of the most powerful tools for any business environment.
– Personality tests (Personlighetstester) – Different analysis tools and methods.
– Attitudes@Work Employee Surveys (Medarbetarundersökningar).
– Attitudes@Market Surveys (Marknadsundersökningar).

Givi Kokaia