If Only the Lake Could Talk – Futures of AI for Sustainability
This book brings together the insights, thoughts, questions and imaginings that evolved during the collaborative foresight cycle hosted by Media Evolution as part of the DigIT Hub AI project.

If Only the Lake Could Talk is meant as a prompt for organisations, businesses and individuals to consider how AI could help us transition to a more sustainable world and what this AI-enabled world could look like. It is not intended as a comprehensive AI guide, tool or workbook, nor does it claim to have all the answers or be a research report. Instead, by using it as a jumping-off point, we hope you can create some visions and solutions of your own towards a sustainable future where you dare to dream.

Each part weaves together imagined futures building on some of the most prominent and thought-provoking signals and trends currently driving sustainability, AI and the crossover between the two: Demanding Transparency and Accountability; Putting Nature Back at the Centre; Facilitating Decision-making and Governance; and Enhancing Human Capabilities and Creativity. Together we ask, where are we heading, what do we need to do to steer ourselves in the right direction and what else might change? The book also includes essays from several contributors on questions triggered by the futures.

“How might AI decide what’s good for humans and for nature? Would humans need to be in the loop?”

From the book If Only the Lake Could Talk


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155 pages
Published by: Media Evolution as a part of DigIT Hub AI
Editors: Martin Thörnkvist Reeta Hafner Rowan Drury
Illustrations: Jon Koko
Graphic concept: HolsterGreen Studio
Layout: Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg
ISBN: 978-91-987389-1-9
Dennis Munetsi
Jason Tucker
Michael Strange
Nell Watson
Nikolaj Møller
Paolo Nardi Fernandez
Rasmus Hedin
Rowan Drury
Sonja Rattay
And many more.