Geospectra May 30

Film and tv series have created an extra layer for tourists to explore. Nowadays we have the ability to experience places through the eyes of our favorite characters. At the same time, tourism as a concept is being redefined by the ways that new technology enables us to “visit” places we’d never be able to go to otherwise.

How can these digital enhancements make a visit even more interesting and fun? What does this mean in terms of responsibility and ethic positioning for the creators? And are there any potential downsides to this new wave of tourism? It’s issues like these that we would like to explore during Geospectra in Malmö. We have invited speakers to show and talk about the future of tourism with the help of, and through, screens.


09.00 Welcome!

Dick Fredholm – City of Malmö Culture Departement  ‘

Andrea Önnerfors  – ustwo nordic  on trends within traveling, what intrests us and what do we “need” when we get there?  And how did we take these trends in to consideration when developing a Noridc Noir PoC for Cross Motion?

Morgan Fredriksson  – Nagoon is a platform that let’s anyone create augmented reality experiences and connect them to the real world without having to write a single line of code.

Johanna Forsman – StoryTourist is a unique app to travel and experience books at the very locations where the action takes place.

Petra Rundqvist – Mixed Reality Scandinavia & the city of Wallander Ystad – Ystad has worked strategically to create a meeting place for movie makers from near and far for a long time, with the conference Mixed Reality, the Wallander legacy and it’s Ystad Studios Visitor center. Petra will share her leanings and take aways from her experiences.

12.00-13.00 Lunch inc Experience Lab / Exhibition of Cross Motion Poc’s

Marcus Olsson – SceneThere is building tools to help you tell a deeper story using Virtual Reality.

Simon Mayrshofer – Movie Map App  – Throu Cross Motion Simon got the chance to develop an app for movie buffs, his location based application, guides film and series interested tourists through publicly accessible filming locations and other points of interests.

Andrea David  – Filmtourismus – “Worldwide film tourism experiences” – Andrea has traveled the world for 12 years to place film sceens in its reality she will share her insigts on the phenomenon of film tourism, the expectations of film tourists in general and show some worldwide examples of screen tourism products (non-digital and digital).

Rosemary Lightbody – Head of Experience Development, Tourism Northern Ireland –  Rosemary will illustrate how the world’s biggest TV series Game of Thrones has created a new tourism narrative for Northern Ireland and stimulated a whole range of spin-off experiences and opportunities which are attracting visitors from all over the world.

15.00 Experience lab tour and Fika [²fiːka]

15.30 Workshops / Trainings for Cross Motion Poc-developers and young professionals

  1. How can you work with Nagoon?
  2. How can you work with SceneThere?
  3. Digital enhancement – how can my destination, service, workplace or solution use new digital tools for its benefit?

17.00 Networking and refreshments

When: May 30, 9.00am-5pm
Where? STUDIO, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö

The event is free but a no-show of 300 sek will be invoiced.
This event is brought to you buy Interreg Baltic Sea project Cross Motion

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