Collaborative foresight cycle
on the futures of cultural  and creative expressions


‘How will creatives create in the future?’

In this collaborative foresight process, we’ll gather a diverse group from the creative industries in southern Sweden to explore and uncover new opportunities for cultural and creative output.

Throughout the process, we’ll make sense of ongoing developments and shifts in digital technologies, society and culture and discover how these changes will shape how and what we’ll create in the future.

We are inviting open, curious and creative minds working with culture and artistic expression to join this collaborative foresight cycle. You could be a designer, an artist, a programmer, an architect, a musician, a researcher or similar. 

The imaginations, insights and ideas generated during this collaborative foresight cycle will be shared broadly in blog posts and a printed book.

This collaborative foresight cycle is part of a project by Region Skåne and Media Evolution supporting cultural and creative industries in southern Sweden in developing competencies within digitalisation.

There are three ways to engage in this topic:

The core group – 20 persons in three workshops during three months
As part of the core group, you will participate in a series of immersive workshops guided by our foresight facilitators. Together, you’ll tap into trends and signals, build scenarios, envision preferable futures, challenge assumptions, explore alternative future worlds and identify new opportunities for creative expression. You will also gain tools in futures thinking and strategic foresight that you can put into practice in your own work.

Apply to participate in the core group by emailing Martin Thörnkvist.

Open workshops – two-hour deep dives
These self-standing workshops will be compact explorations during which you’ll gain new perspectives on the future of cultural and creative expression.

Talks to which we invite creators making use of new inspiring approaches and tools. In the final seminar, we will launch the book and share insights and ideas generated during the collaborative foresight cycle.

This project is funded by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union’s response to the covid-19 pandemic. USB Create is a competence development project within the cultural and creative sector and is runned by Region Skåne and Media Evolution with financing from the European Union and the European Social Fund.

Starting points
Workshop: Signal scanning (Sep 8, 9-11)
Seminar: Future mediums for creative expression (Sep 16, 8-10)
Workshop: Deep dive into futures of cultural and creative expression (Oct 26, 13-15)

In depth-workshop series (core group)
Setting the scene and scanning the horizon (Sep 26, 9-16)
Imaging futures of cultural and creative expression (Oct 19 and 20, 9-16)
Co-creating pathways and opportunities (Nov 11, 9-16)

Ending, new beginnings and book launch
Half day seminar (Mar 7, 2023)

Do you want to know more about this? Contact Martin.

+46 704 – 690170