Foresight Facilitator

The Media Evolution community consists of the thousands of people who work at one of our 350 member companies, three affiliated universities, one of the region’s governmental organizations, the 300+ speakers who have been on The Conference stage throughout the years and everyone else who in different ways sees the importance of getting involved in the agendas we drive. People have different educational backgrounds, come from different parts of the world and represent different industries. It’s a strength. We believe in convergence between people, thought patterns and organizational forms.

We realize the power of the collective knowledge and experience of these people. We are convinced that if we facilitate conversations between people from different backgrounds we will be able to both develop new insights, and document existing knowledge in a way that is relevant to people around the world.

For Media Evolution, this type of activity fulfills three functions; it brings the community together, produces relevant insights and shapes our identity as an organisation. Starting in 2022, Media Evolution’s curation will lend its direction from 2-3 agendas we are committed to spearhead and invite people to bring their perspectives to. We know that one will be about human interaction with technology and that another one will circle around systems thinking.

This is where you come into the picture. You build the process for how we facilitate our foresight work and how we document the insights gathered, you develop the formats for knowledge sharing, and you are the editor for publishing the output of the foresight process. In doing so, you lead our efforts in engaging with our community. You work closely with the vision and strategy directors, the curator of The Conference and our communications specialist. Having a good business sense is an advantage. Most, or all, of the work is done in English.

We believe that you need to be curious, have or be able to develop honest and good relations with companies and people at the forefront of their fields, and have a strong drive to make Southern Sweden a place where the professional intellectual conversation is prioritised, at a high international level.

Media Evolution has been around for 15 years and this fall we are putting effort into redefining our strategic focus for the coming years. It is a time of change that is characterized by a great need for creativity and focus on both long-term goals and tactical fingerspitzgefül here and now. We know that our foresight processes will define large parts of what we do and we know that we want to continue to be pioneers of our field. We have a strong desire to deliver world-class culture and horizon-raising activities.

If you think this sounds exciting and as a place for you to develop, we look forward to hearing from you. If you think it’s like cut and dried for a friend or acquaintance, feel free to share. Thanks.