Develop new skills with in-depth courses


Together with experts from the community we design in-depth courses for you who want to develop new skills in your work life. This is a brand new service built upon request and we’re currently looking for more experts from the community who’d like to get involved.

If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge in a smaller but more hands-on way, get in touch with and we’d be happy to help!

– With Media Evolution and facilitator Charlotta Rydholm

Wanna become “someone who makes progress easier”?

Realizing an idea can be achieved in numerous ways. To facilitate is to use conscious leadership and engaging communication. By using different exercises and tasks, a group will efficiently reach its purpose and goals. Together with Charlotta Rydholm from .tobegin, the participants gain insights and participate in various exercises in order to more effectively determine when and how different methods can be used to achieve the best results.

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– A crash course in equal rights and opportunities in the work place

All employers are bound by law to actively work to combat discrimination and to promote equal rights and opportunities in the work place. It’s not a “good to have”, it’s a must. Within the Anti Discrimination Act, the work required is called “Aktiva åtgärder” (active measures) and includes making sure sexual harassment won’t happen, to survey salaries and to make it easier for employees to combine work and parenthood. 

Together with Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Norra Skåne and Malmö mot diskriminering we can now offer a half-day crash course in Aktiva åtgärder to get you going!

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