Futures of AI for Sustainability – Collaborative Foresight

‘How will leading sustainable organisations of the future leverage AI and machine learning?’

Join our first cycle!

In our first collaborative foresight cycle, we’ll gather a diverse group of experts and practitioners to discover and co-create insights and lay ground for future innovations to uncover new ways for harnessing artificial intelligence for sustainability. 

We are inviting curious minds working with either sustainability, the green transition or AI and machine learning within companies, academia, public organisations and other sectors. As a participant in this collaborative foresight cycle, you will work in a cross-sectoral team and share experiences and perspectives, learn from one another and develop new insights and knowledge together. 

As a participant 

You will participate in a series of workshops guided by our foresight facilitator and tap into trends and signals, build scenarios, envision preferable futures, challenge assumptions and explore alternatives and identify pathways towards more desirable outcomes. The insights and knowledge generated will be made available to the public in blog posts and a book and, among others, will inform future activities in the DigIT Hub AI project that this initiative also is part of.

Core group workshops
• Friday 13 May 9:00-12:00
• Tuesday 17 May 13:00-15:30
• Monday 23 May 13:00-15:30
• Friday 3 June 9:30-12:00
• Thursday 9 June 9:00-12:30

Open workshop
• Tuesday 31 May 15:00-17:00

Final seminar
• Friday 26 August 10:00-12:00

Are you interested in joining or would like to learn more? Contact our foresight facilitator Reeta


+46 73-984 42 32