Contribe is an IT-company that offers qualified competence in system development, web development, system testing and project management. Contribe was founded in 2008 with a vision of creating locally-based teams  called “Tribes”. A “Tribe” consists of engaged people with equal values and a passion for technology. We, who work at Contribe, are enthusiasts that embrace the role as a consultant as a lifestyle. With passion, dedication and as highly skilled Tribe-members we solve the needs of our customers and turn challenges into possibilities.

We offer you the challenging dream job and support you on an exciting long term career path. As a Tribe-member you have the possibility to influence and be part of building our evolving business. You are not only contributing with skills but also with a personal, friendly and very approachable attitude.

We dare to draw on the limits of what can be achieved with technology! Read more about us at:

Roger Gordin
+46 768 65 46 50