Are you, or anyone you know, interested in being a part of Media Evolution’s board? Right now, we’re looking for board members to represent the business sector in Media Evolution’s community.

Media Evolution is evolving. Historically focused on monitoring trends, facilitating insightful conversations, and knowledge dissemination. Our identity is rooted in fostering innovation, driving growth, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and insights. In our new strategy, we are taking a bold step forward by placing innovation and growth as overarching objectives, while making room for the elevation of horizons and knowledge sharing—foresight—to guide our direction. And with that, we aim to create a community where, together with our community, we facilitate an understanding of the present and provide tools to navigate in a complex and ever-changing world. With foresight at the helm, we are poised to, together with our community, navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s landscape with clarity and purpose.

Are you or someone you know equipped with the ability to comprehend the present and catch a glimpse of the future? We are currently seeking individuals who embody the qualities of a mature company contemplating its next steps. Someone who stands on firm ground, possessing the resources and capabilities to look ahead—not seeking assistance for tomorrow’s business, but rather for the futures beyond.

Ideal candidates would be experienced and strategic, demonstrating a profound understanding of the triple-helix concept. They should possess foresight, strategic thinking, and the ability to see the bigger picture across industries, emphasising convergence and have a well-established network in the region. The work in the board is conducted in Swedish.

If you or someone you know fits this description, we encourage you to reach out. We are eager to engage with individuals who can contribute to our organisation’s future success!

  • Nominations are done by following this link
  • Deadline 1st of April
  • Questions are sent to the nomination committee

The annual general meeting will take place on May 31, 2024.

In our nomination committee, you’ll find the following people:
Eleni Cronström, Cronström & CO
Emma Kronqvist, Stream on AB

WHAT: Nomination of board members to the Media Evolution board.
HOW: Nominate OR apply yourself here!
WHEN: April 1st the latest.
QUESTIONS: Get in touch!