“The feeling of being in the right place and in the right context”

The Best Visit

– Community, co-working and collaboration

Gather your clients, colleagues or management and come visit Media Evolution’s co-working space in Malmö’s old shipyard!

Since the opening 2012, Media Evolution City has not only been the home of various members of the Media Evolution Community but a given meeting point for members and visitors alike. Always something going on, always buzzing.

During “The Best Visit” you will not only get a physical tour but also learn more about how we work in symbiosis together with the community to create a growing ground for innovation.

Spoiler alert: It all comes down to community building.

We customize the set-up of each tour for it to fit your organization’s demands and because of it, the duration of the visits can vary from 1 to 3 hours (Choose between small/medium/large). Regardless which one you go for, it’s a great

opportunity for you to get lots of new inspiration on how to create an attractive and, dare we say, progressive work-place.

During the visit you will have the chance to meet various members from the community and we can also tailor a conversation on digitization based on your organization’s specific needs and interests. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to learn, how deep into your area of choice you want to dive and how much fun you think you can handle in one day.

Our smorgasbord is, as it were, full of goodies. We got you covered no matter what. Project management, meeting rooms, fika or lunch – you name it.

Want to experience The Best Visit?

We’d love to host you! Let’s have a chat and see which date and alternative that suits best. Pernilla will help you.


Choose one of our three packages and add some extra spice. Why not take the opportunity to get some work done and stay the rest of the day in one of our 14 meeting rooms?

• In-depth workshops on digitalization
• Meeting room deals
40 % discount in our meeting point if you decide to extend your visit.
• Excursions
• Lectures
• Fika / Lunch / Snacks

Let us know your needs, we got you covered no matter what.


We also offer special edition visits like: activity based workplace visits, student visits and comprehensive full day tours.

Activity based workplace tour
This tour is especially tailored to fit organisations interested in the architecture and physical design of our two houses.

Full day excursion
Extend your stay and check out other points of interest in the city. We’ll set up a full day event with interesting excursions.

The Best Visit: Student edition

Want to book a visit? Contact Pernilla.


+46 70 637 28 47


“I thought the space was really unique and different than anything I had seen before. I am still amazed that the concept works so well even for companies that are directly competing with each other. It opened my eyes to a type of work environment that I never knew existed.”

– Korean Delegation, South Korea

”I really loved our visit to Media Evolution City. The transparency that exists there in both physical design and also in collaborative sharing could really propel some companies to make leaps and bounds beyond their anticipated potential.”

– Clermont Auvergne Metropole, France

“An amazing ecosystem, collaborative layouts and great community management. That made us feel like home immediately, so we are for sure going to keep in touch with that newfound sibling and think about how our members and tenants can benefit from one another!”

– Tabakfabrik Linz, Austria