Media Evolution is a community-owned, non-profit platform for co-creation, knowledge sharing, education and futures-thinking in Malmö, Sweden.

Convergence is our holy grail. For more than ten years, we’ve engaged the public sector, academic institutions and more than 180 companies in cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

We hear a growing need to understand the times we are living in – the now – and a desire to talk about what’s ahead – the tomorrow. It’s a need that calls for broadened horizons, long-term thinking and ways of understanding the interdependencies of systems. Similarly we see a need for thriving communities, togetherness and to belong to something bigger than oneself – a longing for deepened conversations and collaboration.

In our second decade trawling the megahertz together, our goal is to equip humans with tools and inspiration to thrive in uncertainty and to help organisations close intent-to-action gaps in transitions to stay sustainable and resilient and for fostering new beginnings.

Together with our community, we’re lifting our gaze to scan the horizon for signals and trends in an effort to understand and plan for complex futures in a particular topic. We dig deeply into the human behaviours, technologies, tools, and/or systems shaping our futures. We tease out possible, desirable and alternative scenarios and then backcast to prepare for our preferred visions.

With different formats for futures-thinking we invite people and organisations to explore visions for topics such as artificial and natural intelligences, creative expression, sustainability, cities, wellbeing, as well as new organisational systems and our future roles in them.

Ultimately we aim to foster hope in the future, responsibility to act and agency for all to do so.

Spaces for Knowledge Sharing
Every year, our public program creates opportunities for collective meaning-making and creative capacity-building. We host local and global academics, creatives, business and scientific experts to engage with our community through seminars, workshops, courses, suppers, installations, exhibitions and social gatherings.

We hold space for both challenging and hopeful perspectives, and amplify new voices who help us look bravely at our complex present to find inspiration for creating better futures. 

The Conference is our shining example of our mixed-methods approach to inspirational learning. Since 2011, we’ve hosted an annual two-day gathering that delves into the promises and pitfalls of our evolving relationships with our technologies, with each other and with our planet. A thousand curious minds come to listen to more than 30 speakers from all over the world, and leave with hearts full, minds bent, and connections made.

A Place to Connect
For the last ten years, we have run and cared for a place to connect over work at Stora Varvsgatan 6 in Malmö. To many, it’s a place for work, meetings and food – a literal “co-working” space. For us and for those who dig deeper, our place is a space willing to ask questions about what work is – why we work, how we work, when we work and what the meaning of it all is.  

Our Futures Library – a physical incarnation of our foresight work and as such a community resource to help figure out how humans and businesses can co-exist sustainably in the long term and inspire ways of making futures. 

Regional Development
Our vision is to cultivate arenas for companies, organisations and individuals to navigate a complex world, remain relevant to their target groups and contribute to a more sustainable development. As a group we partake in the region’s wide ranged initiatives to foster productivity and sustainable growth. We direct our program in sync with the Region of Skåne’s specialisation areas, most notably Tech, Food and Smart Sustainable Cities. Together with other organisations we develop and manage projects, locally and globally, in the realms of competence development, foresight, talent attraction and internationalisation.

Contact us

Magnus Thure Nilson
+46 708 11 07 65

Martin Thörnkvist 
+46 70 469 01 70

Pernilla Lavesson
Community / Business Developer
+46 70 637 28 47

Alexander Jönsson
Operations Manager

+46 700 90 71 82

Lisa Jedlid
Project Manager
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Rebecka Nilsson
Project Manager
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Hildreth England
Head of Research and Curation


Sofie Olsson
Communications & Marketing Manager
+46 70 377 50 73

Jon Högman
Communications Manager for The Conference
+46 707 76 88 00

Anja Bohlin
Spatial Experiences
+46 73 546 63 47

Reeta Hafner
Foresight Facilitator
+46 73 984 4232

Freja Åhrén
Hospitality & Producer for The Conference
+46 733 161 914

Aston Gillberg

The Board

Chairman of board
Anna Nordström Carlsson

Pehr Andersson
Malmö Stad

Annika Olsson
Malmö Universitet

Ulrika Forsgren Högman
Malmö stad

Daniel Kronmann 
Region Skåne

Pia Rehnquist
Bonnier News

Andreas Larsson
Blekinge Tekniska Högskola

Ulrika Ringdahl
Smile Incubator

Sara Bjärstorp
Malmö Universitet

Thomas Kalling
Lunds Universitet

Helena Paulsson

Alf Condelius
Massive Entertainment

 Patrik Lundberg
Skanska (Öresund)

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With the Data Policy displayed below, we aim to be transparent about the way in which we collect, process and protect your data according to the new GDPR guidelines. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the policy.

Why do we collect personal data?

When we refer personal data in this policy, we mainly refer to information such as names, email addresses and company names. Much of what we do at Media Evolution revolves around these specific types of information. The purpose of collecting this data is because of the following reasons:

  • To administer your subscription to our various newsletters so that you can be informed about activities, events, meetups, surveys and other news that could be of general interest to you as a member/friend/customer of Media Evolution and any of its branches (including The Conference and The Festival). Please note that you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by clicking the “Avregistrera” button in the bottom of any given newsletter.
  • To be able to process registrations and ticket sales when we arrange activities within the frames of our organization, as well as to be able to notify our attendees about changes in the program or potential cancellations.
  • To be able to statistically summarize the outcome of our events, as well as to determine the level of interest our community has shown in a particular project of ours.

What type of data do we collect and what do we do with it, then?

Normally when we collect personal data of some capacity, it could be any of the following types of data:

  • Personal details such as name, email address, working title, company, gender and membership are collected when you sign up for our events. This is so that we can see who’s coming.
  • Personal details such as your email address is collected when you sign up for our newsletters. This is so that we can inform you about news related to the organization.
  • Personal details such as name, email address, company, country and payment method are collected when buying tickets to The Conference. This is so that we can estimate how many are coming, where they are from and how they made the transaction.

How do we process the personal data?

By signing up to any of our given newsletters and events, you have permitted us to use this data in compliance with our data policy.. We never share this data with a third party or jeopardize the data by extracting it from our system.

At certain events, we have a photographer documenting the general atmosphere by taking pictures for us. If you wish to not be photographed or have your photo removed from any potential material (digital or analog) in which you’re visible, just let us know.