Collaborative Foresight
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An explorative place for making sense of the future and finding ways to impact change for the better

As a community, we have thousands of ears, minds and accumulated knowledge. Together, we can make sense of trends and signals, explore different outcomes and uncover new opportunities for innovation and cooperation.

We see a growing need to collectively look further into the horizon. These times of ever-present change and systemic disruptions call for new ways to engage with what tomorrow might bring. We cannot predict the future but we can find ways to adapt, prepare and shape it for the better.

Sharing, Explorative, Emergent

Therefore, we are creating a new way for utilising the power of our community. 

For a decade we’ve hosted an annual deep dive into the future in the shape of The Conference. Now, we want to expand that effort and ‘flip the stage’ to leverage and enhance the insights and expertise in our local and global community. This we wish to do by creating an always-on process for futures thinking and collaborative foresight. One where individuals, businesses and organisations wishing to better grasp the future can come together and;  

  • Share insights and expertise in cross-sectoral conversations
  • Generate new knowledge and insights about future developments
  • Gain strategic tools and new ways of thinking to better navigate in complexity

Collaborative and cyclical  

We call this Collaborative Foresight – an explorative place for making sense of the future and finding ways to impact change for the better. 

In cycles featuring signal scouting, workshops and open seminars, we will dive into the future of topics relevant to the development of businesses and society – ranging from systems thinking to the ever-evolving relations between humans and machines and beyond. The insights generated will be shared in events, blog posts and publications.

We welcome you to engage in an entire cycle or join us for a seminar or other experiences along the way. You will build your futures mindset and skills together with new contacts, which will lay the foundation for new partnerships and collaborations for creating a better future for all.

Try Collaborative Foresight

Open Call: Teams to Try New Foresight Method

Four levels of engagement in a Collaborative Foresight Cycles:

  • Becoming core participant and participating in a series of intimate workshops to co-create futures and pathways to change
  • Joining open workshops on, among others, signal scanning, experiencing alternative futures and exploring specific questions that arise in the journey
  • Participating in the final seminar where key insights will be shared and ways forward discussed
  • Following blog posts and reading the final book to tap into insights and knowledge generated

Ongoing cycle

Futures of Song and Sound

Upcoming cycle

Futures of Infrastructure

Past cycles

Futures of Digital WorkFutures of Wise CitiesFutures of Behavior Design for Well-beingFutures of Creative ExpressionFutures of AI for Sustainability

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