Round tables or not. It’s when different perspectives and competences meet that future solutions develops. 

 Workshops/Round Table Talks

We all need help to develop and innovate, it’s a given. It’s even more true as we’ve entered the digital era which has added yet another layer of complexity to an already complex world. With 400 member organizations, our community is a true treasure of knowledge and expertise, in many different fields.

Round table discussions
For our round table conversations we gather hand-picked-members, based on a current trend or topic – to share, learn and create new knowledge for a couple of hours. We get smarter together.

Does your company have a complex challenge ahead? A challenge that your company cannot solve on its own? This is where Media Evolution and its many members within the digital industries comes in. We can help you define your challenge and tailor a collaborative process, specifically for your needs. In the process we invite experts from the community to help you come to a solution. A true collaborative workshop for you who have a complex challenge but don’t want to settle with a “one-perspective” solution.


Perfect, we would love to help! Let’s chat and see which solutions are best for you. Sofie will help you.

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