Let’s share our knowledge, digital.

The Community

Thecommunity.se is a digital sharing platform where the members of Media Evolution can share reflections, forecasting, guidelines, business cases, blog posts or methods with each other – and others.

Just publish what you’ve written through this simple tool or browse the site for interesting posts! AND you can always get in touch with other community membersto discuss the subjects.

Through crowdsourcing we make each other wiser and better. This community of 400 companies thrive in the sharing is caring culture of southern Sweden. The digital platform enables for our members to share their insights and thoughts, digital – everything within communication, tech, design to culture and organization.

PS. Only members in Media Evolution can write the articles.

How can I contribute?
Glad you asked! Get in touch with Pernilla and she will help you out.

Eager to write in the community? Contact Pernilla.