Media Evolution’s association’s meeting

On June 12, it’s time to have the yearly association’s meeting for the Media Evolution non-profit!

WHAT: Media Evolution’s association’s meeting
WHEN: June 12, 12pm-2pm
REGISTRATION: RSVP here, before June 10

At this year’s association’s meeting, we will consider and take note of the following:
1. Establish the voters’ roll for the meeting.
2. Ask whether or not the meeting at hand has been announced properly.
3. Establish today’s agenda.
4. Decide on a chairman and a secretary for the meeting.
5. Decide on an adjustor for the meeting.
6. The board’s annual report from the past year of activity.
7. The board’s administration report from the past financial year.
8. The accountants’ report on the board’s direction during the past year of activity and the past financial year, as well as the civil accountant’s audit.
9. Consider the freedom from liability for the board during the audit’s time frame.
10. Decide on board members for the time leading up to the next association’s meeting.
a) Decide on board members from the corporate sector
b) Decide on board members from the public sector
c) Decide on board members from the academia
11. Decide on one or two certified accountants, as well as a civil accountant.
12. Establish the yearly costs for members.
13. Consider the board’s proposal (based on the sent in suggestions and requests)
14. Other matters
15. Close the meeting

Read the previous reports here:
– Annual report Media Evolution Southern Sweden non-profit association
 Annual report Media Evolution Southern Sweden AB

Read our current by-laws here:
– Statutes for the Media Evolution Southern Sweden non-profit association