The house, the people, the meetings.

Media Evolution City

Media Evolution City is a co-working space housing nearly 100 companies and 500 humans from across the digital industries. It’s located in a beautiful old shipyard in Malmö that in recent years has been converted into a top modern co-working space, designed for openness, meetings and function.

At Media Evolution City, a beautiful mix of film companies, architects, advertising agencies, app developers, marketing divisions, journalists, industrial designers and startups work side by side. We’re of the belief that new ideas and innovation occurs in the meeting between humans, companies and industries and that these meetings happen more easily without narrow corridors and closed doors. At Media Evolution City, they happen all the time.

Media Evolution City offers a wide range of office solutions and meeting rooms and also has a restaurant facing the old shipyards and docks of Kockums if you just want to swing by for a coffee or lunch.

Questions about the house and offices?
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Media Evolution City and the neighboring Media Evolution City Gängtappen are the hubs for the digital and creative industries in Malmö. Both of the spaces were created by the member organization Media Evolution. The main purpose of these two houses is to featherbed the conditions for growth and development among the involved industries by bringing them together. The concept is based on knowledge exchange and an adamantine “united we are strong” culture.

MEDIA EVOLUTION CITY – Stora Varvsgatan 6, Malmö

At Media Evolution City, both small and large businesses meet. We have a beautiful mix of architects, productions studios, freelancers, technologists, food manufacturers and more. The diversity is fundamental, and we really value the fact that the business world can meet the academy and public sector in a natural way here. Together with Wihlborgs Fastigheter, the owner of the house, we offer a wide range of offices, conference rooms and meeting points.


Media Evolution City Gängtappen is our newest space. It’s located in Gängtappen, the old Kockums headquarters, a mere 180 meters from the “original” Media Evolution City. At the time it was built in 1958, this was Sweden’s highest office building. With its 15 stories and unique triangular design, this seemed like an obvious move when Wihlborgs Fastigheter asked us if we would be interested in expanding our successful concept to another, second space in the neighborhood.

Our two floors of Gängtappen are placed in the bottom of the building, making us the welcoming entry point of this historic skyscraper. Upon moving in, we did a complete renovation of both the interior and the exterior – again taking into consideration our members’ desire for flexibility, simplicity and low thresholds. Here, too, you’ll find plenty of offices, conference rooms and meeting points, as well as a coming wooden deck (!) and a contemporary park with beautiful plane trees (!!).

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