1 hour, 1 table, 6 humans. It’s lunch with new friends.

 Lunch with New Friends

Spice up the lunch hour and meet a bunch of new wonderful people who all have one thing in common, they’re members of Media Evolution.

One might say that Lunch with new friends is a little bit like Russian Roulette, but without anguish and a gun. Indulge in interesting conversations and get a free lunch, simple as that.  

Lunch with new friends, happens the last Thursday each month. It’s always for free – but with room for only 6, the seats tend to go fast! 

Want to join?
Fun! Let’s chat. Pernilla will help you.

PS. Lunch with new friends is only for Media Evolution members.

Oh, but when is next time then?

January: Digita trends 2018!
25th of January (Registration closed)

February: Step inside the organization
22nd of February (Registration closed)

March: Smart cities?
22nd of March (Registration closed)

April: The experience of content
March 18 (Register here!)

May: Makers gonna make
March 23 (Register here!)

June: Everything is designed
June 14 (Registration closed)

Want to book a seat? Contact Pernilla.


+46 706 37 28 47