The Conference and The Festival are looking for three ambitious team players to join us for the 10 year anniversary!

This is an internship for:

Someone interested in working with event planning and production
Someone interested in working with communications (especially social media)

Do you love event planning and production?
We are looking for someone structured, who loves planning and might enjoy project management tools a bit too much. You have no problem in taking responsibility and lead other people. You are creative and would like to learn more about event design, conceptualization and how to create an experience (down to the tiniest details).

Do you love social media?
We are looking for someone that is mad curious and have a great interest in the communications methods of now and beyond and already have great knowledge of the digital landscape of today. Working with The Conference and The Festival means creating value and content for the participants and the community, year round.

So, what are the internships really about?
In reality, being an intern means being part of the team that plans the whole production (from selecting the speakers, building the brand to choosing what colors the candy just must have). It will also include some administrative tasks like taking care of booking flights and accommodations for our international speakers.

The internship will be during winter/spring 2020. We are flexible in terms of exactly when and how much time you spend with us.

Media Evolution City, Malmö

Swedish and/or English (Good writing English a must for the communications internship)

Flexible but sooner rather than later and no later than March 2019

Yay! Send a few lines about yourself, what you’ve done, what you dream of doing and what drives you to our project manager, and don’t forget to mention which internship you’re applying for. No later than January 21.

Hol up, hol up, hol up…

What in the world is The Conference?
The Conference is an international conference organized by Media Evolution. It takes place in Malmö in August every year (10th time next year!). During two days we explore complexity and trends in the digital world. We invite speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread topics. On stage you can expect to find everything from brain scientists to design experts and other cool makers who’ll cover topics like AI, psychology, art, marketing and so on. In the end, it all boils down to exploring our three main themes: “Human behavior”, “new technology” and “how to make things happen”.

What in the world is The Festival?
Over 1000 people participate in The Conference, and another 3000-4000 are involved in the full-week program we call The Festival. The latter is best described as 6 days packed with different kinds of events and happenings – from workshops and meetups to parties and skinny dipping, everything organized by members of our amazing community.