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During this month we explore the theme “Play!“. Here are some of the activities you’re already can sign up to.

Theme of the Month

August: Play!

In a way, the concept of “playing” has always been a big deal to us humans. Even in the early days there were riddles and dice and senet and shax and backgammon and whathaveyou. For some reason, it seems, we have this innate need of wanting to entertain ourselves. Maybe it’s a form of respite, a way to remain sane, something that offers additional value to the daily grind. Ah, who knows, really? What we do know, however, is that we’re going to shine beams of playful light on subjects related to the topic of “play” in August. It might be stuff like gamification, apps, films, infotainment and ludology, or something completely different. Again, we’re supposed to be playful here, remember?