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Upcoming events 

During this month we explore the theme “Sustainability“. Here are some of the activities you can sign up to.


October 4, Seminar: World’s Best Morning: Framtidens kommunikation för maximalt engagemang  (Green Hat People)
October 16, Lunch/networking: Lunch with new friends!
October 18, Seminar: World’s Best Morning: Utilizing resources for Zero Waste (with Cirklus)
October 25, Seminar: World’s Best Morning: Shared mental models and sustainability (with Wisdome)
October 25, Seminar + after work: Superfredag: Diversify your communication! The time is now (with Aktarr)

November 8, HYPERFREDAG – Sustainability bonanza

Seminar: World’s Best Morning: Methods to reduce climate impact (with Spill, 2050 & Orkla)
Seminar + after work: Superfredag: Conscious decisions for a better life (with Klimatpsykologerna & Lunds universitet)
Hyperfredag made possible by Media Evolution & Wihlborgs Fastigheter

November 15, Seminar: World’s Best Morning (more info coming soon)


October 22: Conference: Livsmedelsakademiens dag (Livsmedelakademien)
October 24, Seminar: Värdet av att kommunicera med din målgrupp (Mynewsdesk)
October 24, Workshop: Empowering lasting cultural exchange (ABCD Creative Dialogue)
November 7, Seminar: Unionen framtidsspanar: Framtidens arbetsplats (Unionen)
November 12-13, Conference: Social Innovation Summit (Member discount with code: Deal15)
November 14-15, Masterclass: Hands-on! Designing for voice interfaces (Topp Design & Innovation)

Theme of the Month

Every fall we do a members’ survey to gain a better understanding of what topics to focus on during the coming year. The monthly themes are in no way exclusive, we do all kinds of events and workshops year round, but they are thought of as a pointer on when to engage a bit extra. Have a look below and see if something seems like a good fit for your organization. We’re all ears if you want to collaborate or host an event! Simply write a few lines to ida@mediaevolution.se and we’ll start planning!

October: Sustainability

November: Man and machine
December: Sharing is caring