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June 3 / Webinar – Framtidsspaning: Hur skapar vi en långsiktigt hållbar ekonomi efter pandemin? med Swedbank
May 26, 27 & June 3 / 3 day Facilitation Camp
June 2 / E-handelns möjligheter genom Coronakrisen, rundabordssamtal med Delphi
June 9 / Aktiva åtgärder, rundabordssamtal med Malmö mot Diskriminering & Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Norra Skåne

Theme of the Month

Every fall we do a members’ survey to gain a better understanding of what topics to focus on during the coming year. The monthly themes are in no way exclusive, we do all kinds of events and workshops year round, but they are thought of as a pointer on when to engage a bit extra. Have a look below and see if something seems like a good fit for your organization. We’re all ears if you want to collaborate or host an event! Simply write a few lines to ida@mediaevolution.se and we’ll start planning!

January: Trends
February: Communicative dialogue
March: Circular Economy
April: The Greater Good
May: Time, pace and timing
June: Designing your next experience
July: Relax and reload
August: Human 
behavior, technology and how to make things happen
September: Competence Evolution
October: Smart Cities
November: Internet of Things
December: Global Outlook

JANUARY – Trends
Let’s kick off the new year with the emerging trends and insights that are bound to define 2020 and beyond. What will be the next big thing in communications, tech, sustainability and society? Which trends will be gone in a flash and which ones are inevitable and requires action? The landscape of new trends can often feel like a maze without a map so throughout January we will do our best to help you navigate.

Sure, trendwatching can feel a bit fluffy and vague but staying up-to-date is crucial to be able to harvest the new opportunities within product/service development, branding, campaigns, technology… everything. Join us in January to discuss which trends you believe are important, which ones you’ll discard and which one’s you’ll act upon!

FEBRUARY – Communicative dialogue
Digital has transformed how we communicate. It has transformed the entire field of communication, providing new tools of dialogue putting the entire industry in a leading position. Today, when crisis and constant change are part of everyday life, communication has become the key currency for every organisation to master.

We know all this, and we’ve learnt that it’s not fruitful with one-way shouting and enforced messages. We know it in theory but do we know how to do it in practice? During February we want to explore best practices and new trends in creating relevant dialogues that strengthen the relationships with our peers and stakeholders. How can effective communication alter your organisation, yourself and your business opportunities?

MARCH – Circular economy
”There is no Plan B, because there is no Planet B.” Ban Ki-Moon
Sure, there is March, but let’s leave that one for Elon Musk for now. During 2020 we expect to see continued political instability, more pronounced climate impact and accelerating rates of biodiversity loss. While the scale and complexity of these challenges is daunting, but there is also reason for optimism.

Circular business models are emerging fast and the urge to deliver for future generations has become the key and reason for many new innovations. There are, to say the least, PLENTY of challenges to solve but challenges also holds opportunities. Opportunities to do better, opportunities to transform, opportunities to innovate.

During March we want to explore and discuss the business models of tomorrow, the best practices of going circular and how downgraded perspectives like maintenance and care can be worth to revisit in the era of ”new new new, more more more”.

APRIL – The Greater Good
We live in Skåne, in Sweden and on this planet together. Solving our times biggest challenges has no room for ”us” and ”them”. What role can and should the different sectors play in withholding and forming a sustainable society? While the public sector has a clear mandate, what can be demanded and expected by the private?

Fields like Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Citizenship often comes to mind when talking about the ”greater good”, but what does this mean in 2020? Is it through moonshots? Is it about investing in the local community? Is it about recruitment policies, advocacy, innovation or going green? During April we want to explore where doing good and doing business aligns and look at inspiring examples of such.

MAY – Time, pace and timing
Time, our most precious utility of which there never seems to be enough. It’s an investment we expect to give in return and something we put a lot of into simultaneously making it last and cutting it short. A second doesn’t move faster today than it did a century ago but we tend to fill every single one of them with more, leaving many of us exhausted.

JUNE – Designing your next experience
Customer experience, service experience, user experience… Experiences defines a new type of economy.
The demand for Experience Designer is increasing strongly in our society. User experiences, sustainable business models and digital innovation are at the heart of the development. Today we have tremendous opportunities to create experiences with new technology, not least through VR / AR and AI.
What’s your take on experience?

JULY – Relax and reload
Enjoy, kick back and relax! Have the happiest of summers!

AUGUST – Human behaviour, technology and how to make things happen
Digitalisation is a challenge that companies and organisations must face in order to remain competitive, but also an opportunity for those who find the right transition. Digitalisation is changing companies’ entire value chains, production, sales and distribution. Digitalisation and, being able to manage and adapt solutions to target groups – using data – is a matter of survival.

Alongside with our yearly firework “The Conference”, we share knowledge on how digitalisation has changed individuals and organisations forever.