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November 22, Hackathon: Hackathon för Skånsk Industriell Framtid (Media Evolution & IUC Syd)
November 28, Workshop: Empowering lasting cultural exchange (ABCD Creative Dialogue)
December 10, Course: Aktiva åtgärder (Media Evolution, ADB Norra Skåne & Malmö mot Diskriminering)
December 13, Market: Christmas Market at Media Evolution City
December 13, Seminar & After Work: Superfredag X-mas edition (Telavox)


November 29, Movie screening: Vivienne Westwood: Punk. Icon. Activist. (Doc Lounge)
December 3, Seminar: 07.07am with Google & Microsoft (City of Malmö)

Theme of the Month

Every fall we do a members’ survey to gain a better understanding of what topics to focus on during the coming year. The monthly themes are in no way exclusive, we do all kinds of events and workshops year round, but they are thought of as a pointer on when to engage a bit extra. Have a look below and see if something seems like a good fit for your organization. We’re all ears if you want to collaborate or host an event! Simply write a few lines to ida@mediaevolution.se and we’ll start planning!

November: Humans and machines

December: Sharing is caring


The story of man and machine seems to have divided the world within two camps: The utopians and the dystopians. Will we obey the robots, will we get AI fueled superpowers or will we simply work in symbiosis, humans and machines? These questions keep plenty of people awake already, and with the AI boom, the field of tech ethics has made a massive comeback. Who designs? Who codes? And what bias do we bring to the table when feeding our new systems with data? We live our life embedded with algorithms, black box algorithms, that somehow gets the job done, but how? Who’s the master? When am I under influence? Who am I?

The era of man and machine has been here for more than a century, but the more complex it becomes, the more obscure it gets. If our systems are to be designed this way, then we need to be better educated to question and ship in. For one, the story of man and machine is way too often one of men and machines. 

Enough with doomsday thoughts. What about the possibilities? Plenty!

Consider bringing AI into the chemistry lab, working day round to come up with new materials, potentially solving a bunch of problems, like climate change. Or what about manufacturing and construction? 3D-printing technology combined with automation could mean dramatically faster, cheaper and more sustainable ways of building houses, an industry far from automated, an industry afflicted by complexity.

Or, what about new exciting interfaces like voice technology or services like cheap lawyer bots or or or…

In November we want to dig into everything related with our future co-existence with machines. The hard facts, the methods, the trends, the values, the ethics. If you want to contribute and collaborate we’re eager to hear from you – because like always, we’re not the experts, you are!

Suggested talks from The Conference

Nell Watson – What if robots will kill us out of kindness?
Meghan O’Gieblyn – God in the machine
Rand Hindi – How to not lose your job to AI
Stephanie Dinkins – Inclusive Artificial Intelligence
James Bridle – What is real?
Giorgio Patrini – Deepfakes
Maria Malho – Hacking democracy

And yes, there are many many more >>