Superfredag with Hyper Island March 23!

It’s time, people. “Time for what?”, you ask curiously, as if you hadn’t already heard the wind crying out its party prayer. Time for SUPERFREDAG, of course.

We’re thrilled to inform you that our friends at Hyper Island will be hosting Superfredag on March 23. It will – as always – be packed with grade A people, very interesting content and a certifiably great vibe.

The order of bidniz for this fine day looks as follows:

4PM – EXHIBITION [Registration here!]
Students from the two programs Digital Media Creative and Motion Creative are set to display their work under the title “Dichotomy: Hyper Island takes on the future of tech”. In the students’ own words, here’s some general info about the exhibition:

“Dichotomy is the choice between opposite ends of a whole.
Between living and dying, light and darkness…It is the polarity between what is.’

We at Hyper Island give you the opportunity to step through the doors of Media Evolution and explore the booming future of technology through the concept of dichotomy.”

Speakers from Hyper Island will take the stage and share some insights on their school, their different programs and, more specifically, their acclaimed “Exploring Tech” project.

You know the drill, baby. It’s cha-cha time with drinks and some of the finest people the Malmö can muster. DJ is TBA at this hour, but please believe we’re choosing between some tiptop options. We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve decided!

WHEN: Friday March 23th 2018, 4pm-5pm (after work 5pm-9pm)
WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6a, 211 19 Malmö
WHAT: Superfredag with Hyper Island
REGISTRATION: Just say YES on Facebook!