Superfredag + Stora Varvsgatan 6 Official Launch Party

Shared joy is, as it were, double joy. Therefore we’re doubly delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with the good people at Stora Varvsgatan 6for the next Superfredag.

“What is Stora Varvsgatan 6 then?”, you ask cluelessly, as if you were a common Jeopardy contestant and not a hip and happening person in the know. Well… Stora Varvsgatan 6 is what used to be known as MECK (i.e. the restaurant here at Media Evolution City). Don’t worry though, the familiar faces of Chris and Johan are still running the show. They just did a bit of renaming and rebranding, is all.

To celebrate these new and exciting times we’ll mingle about to some well-sounding music, munch on some well-tasting burgers and drink some well-chilled liquids. Rest assured it’ll be a lot of fun!

As it happens, we also kick off the Mobility Goes International Action project this Friday. With MobiGoin (as it’s called for short) we’ll connect people working in the “smart mobility” and “smart cities” sectors with matching delegations in North America and Southeast Asia. Pop by and learn more about what will happen in the coming years 🙂

WHEN: Friday March 2 2018, 5pm-9pm
WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6a, 211 19 Malmö
WHAT: Superfredag + Stora Varvsgatan 6 Official Launch Party
REGISTRATION: Just attend on Facebook!