Access over ownership

14 June, 2012 - 10:06

About the collaborative consumption trend of wanting access to things instead of owning them.

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At Media Evolution we usually say that there are three main factors that affect opportunities for media companies: customer behaviour, available technology and the business model.

People’s change of behaviours doesn’t always begin in the media industries. But they almost always reach us. When they do we need follow them as soon as possible, preferably before it happens, to grasp new opportunities in the market.

In this publication, Lauren Anderson writes about the importance of niches, Lisa Gansky about what business models can look and Kalle Magnusson gives his perspective from the music industry.

Owning access – collaborative consumption - Martin Thörnkvist
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The interest graph – what’s it to you? - Tine Thygesen
Buying and selling longevity - Martin Thörnkvist
Seriously better things, easily shared - Lisa Gansky
Mythbusting: “Spotify doesn’t give any money to artists” - Kalle Magnusson
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Power to the people - Markus Wiklander