Cross Motion

What it is

The project objective is to build on the advancements of digital technologies and related potential of convergence between digital audiovisual content production industries (film and videogames) and three other sectors (education, tourism, health) for which the cooperation with the former may be beneficial. The core rationale for such cooperation is that the techniques of audiovisual, interactive, participatory and multiplatform storytelling and forms of gamification could be used in service of these chosen sectors. The understanding is that there is a momentum for such intersector cooperation to open up rapidly evolving avenues for innovation a type of innovation known as ‘crossinnovation’.

Such innovation processes are facilitating the emergence of new markets that could then enable scalable growth for innovating SMEs or convergent new startups, new revenue streams for digital audiovisual industries and new cost effective and socially valuable solutions for health, education and tourism sectors.

Duration of project 2016 –2019.
The total budget is EUR 3.0million.
European Regional Development Fund is EUR 2.2million.
Norwegian Funding is EUR 0.2million.
In total there is 9 project partners.


Underlag till anbud/innovationsupphandling, digital guide för Nordic Noir, 29 november 2017

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