It’s not just a house – it’s so much more.

Best Visit

Gather your clients, colleagues or management and come visit our co-working space Media Evolution City.

We offer guided tours around our buzzing hub in Malmö. During the visit you will have the chance to meet various members from the community and learn more about how we work in symbiosis together with them. To really make your visit at Media Evolution City count, we will also tailor a conversation on digitization based on your organization’s specific needs and interests.

In other words, The Best Visit is both inspirational and useful. Lucky you!

Since we customize the set-up of each tour for it to fit your organization’s demands, the duration of the visits can vary from 1 to 3 hours. There are three different “versions” of Best Visit to choose from (small, medium, large). Regardless which one you go for, it’s a great opportunity for you to get lots of new inspiration on how to create an attractive and, dare we say, progressive work-place.

We also offer special editions, activity-based visits, study visits and comprehensive full day services. Our smorgasbord is, as it were, full of goodies. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to learn, how deep into your area of choice you want to dive and how much fun you think you can handle in one day.

We got you covered no matter what. Project management, meeting rooms, fika or lunch – you name it. Also, if you want to extend your stay in Malmö and check out other points of interest in the city we are happy to set up a full day event with interesting excursions.

Want to experience The Best Visit?

We’d love to host you! Let’s have a chat and see which date and alternative that suits best. Pernilla will help you.

“The feeling of being at the right place and in the right context.”

Want to book a visit? Contact Pernilla.

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